Crazy Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

Crazy Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

Your hair is your biggest asset. You can style your hair however you want or change the color to match your fashion senses — whatever you please! However, even with the plenty of benefits associated with hair, there are still several myths circulating. Stop believing these myths right away!

Cutting Your Hair Often Will Make It Grow Faster

For some reason or another, people started to believe that frequently trimming their hair would make it grow back faster. Your hair grows at the scalp and not at the end. By trimming your hair, it makes your hairstyle actually appear fuller and not longer.

Air-Drying Your Hair Is Actually Better Than Blow-Drying Your Hair

Many of us have difficulty air-drying our hair in a short amount of time, and therefore reach for the hair dryer to quickly style our hair. This sparked the myth that blow-drying your hair actually causes significant damage. While it does cause damage to the surface of your hair, it does not cause more harm than air-drying. For best results, blow-dry your hair at a low heat!

The Temperature of Water Will Affect the Appearance Of Your Hair

People tend to believe that showering with cold water will make your hair appear shinier and better looking. In fact, your water temperature doesn’t affect the appearance of your hair at all. For ideal results for your entire body, a warm temperature is the healthiest option.

The Myths About Hair Replacement

Many individuals have either a medical or genetic condition that causes them to lose hair. From boxed solutions to painful surgical treatments, many of the treatments are not ideal. In addition, many patients do not either know about or consider non-surgical hair replacement as an option. However, this option is a non-painful treatment available to those dealing with hair loss!

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