About Studio LA Hair Replacement

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Consultants at Studio L.A. Hair
With over 30 years of
combined hair replacement,
Amy Johnson, a professional cosmetologist, and Lori Pearson, a master barber, are dedicated to providing each and every client with a rewarding and individualized hair replacement experience.
Unlike other hair replacement businesses, Amy and Lori make sure that each and every client is comfortable and taken care of throughout the entire experience from start to finish. In addition to being the proud owners of Studio L.A. Hair, Amy and Lori are also the talented image consultants. When you choose Studio L.A. Hair, you know exactly who will be helping you regain your confidence and personal identity.
If youre looking for a nonsurgical solution to your
hair loss, Studio L.A. Hair wants to help you.

We provide our clients with far more than the typical hair replacement services. We ensure that you feel comfortable,
secure and confident with your new style. For more information on Studio L.A. Hair, please contact us today.